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Let us file, compile and store your service history records for all work completed at Midas locations - no more random receipts in your glove compartment! You’ll also have the opportunity to enter records for services performed elsewhere. Use your MyMidas account to access current offers and promotions, auto safety tips, a widget to help you find the best gas prices around, and other cool tools!*

Service History

MyMidas gives you access to the service history for all your vehicles. Can't remember the last time your brake pads were replaced? Let MyMidas help you search invoices for a match. Isn't that easier than leafing through the monster pile of wrinkled, coffee-stained invoices?

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Whether you need service from your local Midas dealer, the one near your office or a location while you're on the road, requesting an appointment is as easy as logging into MyMidas.

*Some features may not be available in your area.


Your Midas service history records are managed at the household level, not by individual or vehicle. For this reason we request that you create only one MyMidas account per household.

You do not need to be a Midas customer to register for MyMidas. If you are a Midas customer please locate an invoice to refer to while completing the registration process. This will enable us to populate your account with your Midas service records.

If you do not have an invoice available to refer to at this time, please select the 2nd option below. You can always add invoice information at a later date.